Hillside walk, 12 July 2013

This week the Stephanomeria that I saw two weeks ago was easy to find. Odd that I couldn't find it last week. Two weeks ago it had a single bloom. This week it has several.

Remnant chamise continues to bloom, on multiple plants on the north hillside.

I thought I had found the final sticky monkeyflower of the year last week, but I found this week just a single flower. It was in a very different place, in a gully along Lida Street.

California everlasting

Clustered tarweed

Clustered tarweed


White sage

California coffeeberry

Leafy California buckwheat

Laurel sumac

Laurel sumac

Mission prickly-pear

Cliff aster

Munro's globe-mallow

Twiggy wreath plant

Twiggy wreath plant




Rattlesnake weed

Holly leaf redberry

California sagebrush


Birch leaf mountain mahogany

Southern honeysuckle

Holly leaf cherry

Lupine blue butterfly, on deerweed


American lotus

Century plant

California thistle

Bush monkey flower


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