Some wild flowers of Zambia

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Spring in Zambia is the end of the dry season, but it is still spring. The wild flowers that we saw were primarily in Kafue National Park, which is on a high plateau. But we also saw some in the Luangwa Valley, much further to the east, which is lower and hotter.

Probably Dissotis debilis, Lunga River Lodge, Kafue National Park

Unidentified flower in the forest at Busanga Plain, Kufue National Park

Combretum sericeum (Dwarf Red Combretum), Busanga, Kafue N.P.

Hibiscus rhodanthus (Dwarf Red Hibiscus), Lunga, Kafue N.P.

Syzgium cordatum (Waterberry tree), Lunga Lodge, Kafue N.P.

Trichodesma ambacense (Bells of St. Mary's), Lunga Lodge, Kafue National Park

Cycnium adonense (Ink Plant), Busanga Plain, Kafue National Park

Gardenia species, Busanga Plain, Kafue National Park

Capparis tomentosa (Woolly Caper Bush), near Moshi, Kafue National Park

Blue flower, unidentified, north of Moshi, Kafue National Park

Ipomoea vernales (Morning Glory), north of Moshi, Kafue N.P.

Cassia abbreviata (Long Tailed Cassia), Kafue National Park

Combretum microphyllum (Flame Creeper), South Luangwa National Park

Stereospermum kunthi- anum (Pink Jacaranda), Mwaleshi, N. Lunagwa N.P.

Keetia ganzibaricum (Coffee berry), North Luangwa National Park

Probably a Grewia species, north of Moshi, Kafue National Park

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