Hillside walk, 01 January 2018

New Year's Day is here! Today's hillside walk began at 8:15 a.m., which is, I think, the same time that the Rose Parade begins in Pasadena. While I could hear plenty from it, it wasn't necessarily distinct. I did hear singing when the music on a float was amplified. I occasionally heard drums beating, but didn't hear the music from the band. While the sound was obvious on the open hillside, it disappeared almost entirely when I retreated into a canyon, e.g. Canyon 8.

On the hillsides it really is spring without rain, at least in a small way. On the way in to Canyon 8 the wild cucumber (Marah macrocarpa) has a few flowers. Along Lida Street the California fuchsia (Ribes speciosum) has some bright red flowers. In Canyon 5, two-color everlasting (Pseudognaphalium biolettii) has a few flowers. And the mulefat (Baccharis salicifolia) along Lida Street and in Lower Canyon 3 may be at its peak, albeit less that in a more usual rainy season.

Despite no rain, some species have plenty of buds in anticipation of the spring. These include lemonade berry (Rhus integrifolia) and skunkbush (Rhus aromatica).

Wishbone bush

Wild cucumber

California coffeeberry

Chaparral currant

Two color everlasting

Lemonade berry

Fuchsia-flowered gooseberry


Bush monkey flower


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