Hillside walk, 18 December 2017

Although no rain has fallen and the winter season advances without being very cold, there are some signs of seasonal change on the hillside.

In Canyon 8 we have two-color everlasting (Pseudognaphalium bioletii) with a number of advanced buds. It's not always easy to tell when this species is actually flowering, but this one probably needs another week, even though the glossy white papery petals are fully exposed.

In Canyon 5, the two specimens of chaparral currant (Ribes malveceum) have lost almost all their initial seasonal crop of flowers; but now they have a completely new crop of bright, fresh flowers. The number of flowers isn't as large as for the first crop of flowers, but it's impressive. These plants are always such a joy to see.

The mulefat (Baccharis salicifolia) now has many more flowers, both male and female. The number of flowers is not nearly as large as in earlier years, and this might be a direct result of receiving no significant rain so far this winter. Nevertheless, this is the time of season when this species gets busy with its flowering.

Various other species continue their “remnant” flowering.

Leafy California buckwheat

Two color everlasting

Wishbone bush

California coffeeberry

Black cottonwood

Canyon 6

Chaparral currant

Chaparral currant

Chaparral currant

The west hillside

A moss

North hillside

North hillside


Douglas's nightshade



Bush monkey flower


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