Hillside walk, 25 September 2017

It's a pleasure to see the late season blooms, those flowers that come out only in the late summer or even the autumn. This week the California brickellbush (Brickellia californica) is at its peak in Canyon 8, as good as I've ever seen it anywhere on the hillsides. The saw toothed goldenbush (Hazardia squarrosa) continues it record long peak of bloom, too.

What a surprise it was to find several flowers of four o'clock near the entrance to Canyon 8, at a place where these flowers are normally seen only during the damp spring months. Another “rare” find was a couple of very small flowers of chamise (Adenostoma fasciculatum var. fasciculatum) on the mid north hillside.

Something I've not previously seen in such profusion is the gorgeous translucent orange berries of southern honeysuckle (Lonicera subspicata var. denudata), especially on the walk down into Canyon 4.

Wishbone bush

Leafy California buckwheat

California brickellbush

California coffeeberry

Laurel sumac

Narrow-leaf milkweed


Southern honeysuckle

Leafy California buckwheat

Lower and mid north hillside

Upper north hillside

Douglas's nightshade

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