Hillside walk, 04 July 2017

With the onset of summer the count of flowering native plants is much reduced. And yet some flowers are at their peak, such a the leafy California buckwheat (Eriogonum fasciculatum ssp. foliolosum), which is simply everywhere, with profuse flowers. Even the humble rattlesnake weed (Chamaesyce sp.) is at a noticeable peak, even though reduced in numbers after the drought. Another notable is the southern honeysuckle (Lonicera subspicata var. denudata), which after several apparently false starts, is now blooming profusely in every location where it exists.

Two of the phacelias, the caterpillar phacelia (Phacelia cicutaria var. hispida) and the branching phacelia (Phacelia ramosissima), both prominent in Canyon 8, are at the very end of their bloom with just a few flowers, but with those caterpillar-like arrays of has-been flowers sitting erect, green, and fresh. They look splendid.

Wishbone bush

California primrose


Branching phacelia

Caterpillar phacelia

Scrub oak

White sage

Morning glory

Narrow-leaf milkweed

Clustered tarweed

Southern honeysuckle


Bush monkey flower


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