Hillside walk, 08 May 2017

Yesterday we experienced an afternoon thunderstorm, with heavy rain and hail for 10-15 minutes. Total rain for the weekend was just over 13 mm. Although most flowers show rain damage, many were also cut up by the hail, especially larger flowers such as the morning glory (Calystegia sp.).

At the bottom of the north hillside, the clustered tarplant (Deinandra fasciculata) is blooming once again. It grows in the same location as the California suncup (Camissoniopsis bistorta), but always later in the season. Accoringly there are no suncups blooming this week, although they bloomed continuously for 11 weeks up to last week.

Clustered tarweed

California bluebells

Caterpillar phacelia

Bigelow's spike moss

Narrow-leaf milkweed

Acmon blue

Golden stars

California liverwort

Southern honeysuckle

Bush monkey flower

Vasey's prickly pear


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