Hillside walk, 13 February 2017

At last we have the first flowers of four-o'clock (Mirabilis laevis var. crassifolia) and California bluebells (Phacelia minor). These are on the north hilside in scattered places. The numbers are small and a vast amount of bud awaits full bloom. This year the winter is lating longer, so the blooms are later.

The hoaryleaf ceanothus (Ceanothus crassifolia var. planus) continues the peak of its bloom. Also at its peak is the wild cucumber (Marah macrocarpa), with tiny fruit beginning to appear behind many of the female flowers. The chaparral currant (Ribes malvaceum) in Canyon 5, which has had wonderful arrays of flowers for the past several weeks, now has its flowers waning although still we have ample fresh ones.

On the west hillside the first two-color everlastings (Pseudognaphalium biolettii) are beginning to flower.

This week I discovered a second specimen of Bigelow's spikemoss (Selanginella bigelovii). This one is in on the lower north hillside, facing directly south, which means it's always in direct sunlight.

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