Hillside walk, 10 January 2017

The coming season unfolds gradually. This week we have three seasonal new flowers, wild cucumber (Marah macrocarpa), fuchsia-flowered gooseberry (Ribes speciosum), and coast live oak (Quercus agrifolia). All three are at the very start of their blooming, with only a few specimens flowering. At a mid location along Lida Street, golden currant (Ribes aureum var. gracillimum) has buds almost ready to burst into yellow bloom; but that hasn't happened yet, so it's not included in today's spreadsheet.

The past week has seen rain on almost every day, mostly light and steady. Last week the ground on the hillsides was damp and firm. This week it is wet and mushy, requiring extra care in many places. The liverworts (Asterella californicus) and mosses are having a great time, of course.

Wild cucumber


Mist on the north hillside


Coast live oak

Bigelow's spike moss

Fuchsia-flowered gooseberry

Goldenback fern

California liverwort

Fuchsia-flowered gooseberry

Fuchsia-flowered gooseberry

West hillside



Leafy California buckwheat


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