Hillside walk, 22 November 2016

Over Sunday night we received 22 mm of rain, and what a difference it makes on the hillside. No, not in flowers, but in old dead grass, etc., starting to rot away, and in a much firmer foothold on the damp, steep slope. This week's walk was on Tuesday morning, so at least it was not as wet as it would have been on Monday morning.

As expected, the ferns and bryophytes are suddenly green. We have the coffee fern (Pellaea andromedifolia) once again prominent in upper Canyon 2B. The goldenback fern (Pentagramma triangularis) is sprouting in more than one place, albeit small, mostly with leaves no more than 1-2 cm length. And, of course, the California liverwort (Asterella californica) is back. Even so, the liverwort is not as widespread or as large as it would be if the rain had lasted beyond the overnight.

Flowers this week are again minimal. At least we now have the first female flowers of mulefat (Bacharris salicifolia) for this season in lower Canyon 3.


California liverwort

Mt. Wilson

Coffee fern

A moss

Goldenback fern


California brickellbush

Leafy California buckwheat



Twiggy wreath plant

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