Hillside walk, 05 November 2016

The count of native species blooming this week is the same as last week, and the quantities of flowers remain generally low. Much of the weekly walk goes through areas with no flowers at all. For example, the walk goes through Canyons 4, 5, 7, and 8, all of which are devoid of flowers. Today there were four species blooming on the open north hillside, all in tiny quantities.

A similar number of species is blooming along Lida Street. Plants along Lida Street are generally in better condition than elsewhere, even luxurious in some instances, presumably because rainwater falling on the street accumulates along the edges of the road, leading to an increased effective average rainfall along those edges. Of note in that respect is leafy California buckwheat (Eriogonum fasciculatum ssp. foliolosum), which blooms right through the summer. It continues to bloom with ample flowers along Lida Street, but is finished virtually everywhere else.

The only spectacular-looking flowers at present are on the twiggy wreath plant (Stephanomeria sp.), growing on the berm between Lida Street and lower Canyon 4. One of these plants last year at this spot (maybe it's the same plant?) grew to about head height.

Sawtoothed goldenbush

Cliff aster

Turkey vulture

Turkey vulture


Leafy California buckwheat

California brickellbush


California sagebrush

California sagebrush

Twiggy wreath plant


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