Hillside walk, 29 October 2016

The past week saw about 9 mm of rain and the hillside is responding. Green grass is appearing in many places of the west hillside, especially in the canyons. Some of the grass is several cm long.

Along with the rain is a real change in the season, an upsurge in flowers, with thee more blooming species than last week. Especially noteworthy, on the Lida Street berm, are California sage (Artemisia californica) and twiggy wreath plant (Stephanomeria sp.). Both are in full bloom.

Elsewhere the trickle of flowering species that has lasted through the summer continues.

Puente Hills

Sawtoothed goldenbush

Cliff aster


North hillside and mountains


Leafy California buckwheat

California brickellbush

Grass in Canoyn 1

Western ragweed

California sagebrush

Twiggy wreath plant

Twiggy wreath plant


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