Hillside walk, 22 October 2016

Saw two turkey vultures today, gently gliding along the face of the north hillside and then disappearing around the corner. They are so graceful.

Having not visited the hillside in the past couple of weeks, the changes with the season are more noticeable than when making the more frequent weekly observations. Most dramatic is that the many deer tracks look more pronounced, with many more hoof marks, and as if there have been deer gatherings in various places. Last weekend we received approximately 5 mm of rain. That small amount, of course, does very little, and the drying off of the hillsides continues.

The flower count remains about the same. Probably the only species that isn't a remnant is the California brickellbush (Brickellia californica) on Lida Street, although it's flowers are not as open or protruding as they generally are in a better year.

The black cottonwood trees (Populus trichocarpa) are losing their green with leaves drying up, but with no signs of golden fall color.

Young mule deer

Sawtoothed goldenbush


Black cottonwood




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