Hillside walk, 27 August 2016

This has been a cooler week, with daytime temperatures generally in the 80s F. Maybe because of that the native flower species count lurched upward this week, from a mere 5 to now 8. Last week, for example, toyon (Heteromeles arbutifolia) was nowhere to be seen, but this week along upper Lida Street we have small quantities of flowers. A similar story goes for laurel sumac (Malosma laurina), with just a single specimen having a few fresh flowers, at the bottom of the north hillside.

However, the star of this week's showing is the first bloom for the year of saw toothed goldenbush (Hazardia squarrosa). While the most obvious flowers of this species are usually on the mid north hillside, that location is still bud only. The observed flower, just a single one, alongside several spent flowers, was in Canyon 4.

Mule deer

Laurel sumac


Cliff aster


Sawtoothed goldenbush

Leafy California buckwheat


Blue elderberry


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