Hillside walk, 20 August 2016

This week's count of only five native species in flower is the lowest so far in this survey spanning four years. The season is just plain dry.

Hopefully the saw toothed goldenbush (Hazardia squarrosa) will be in bloom soon; it's due about now. On the north hillside I saw only one plant where the majority of foliage is not dead, and it has a reasonable number of buds. This species looks in better condition in the other locality where this plan grows, Canyon 4, but there the number of buds is far fewer.

This week it's noticeable that multiple specimens of scrub oak (Quercus sp.) now have leaves drying up, especially on the upper north hillside.

This week's walk was early morning, starting at 7:15 a.m., when the air is cool, and when even the turkey vultures are still asleep. Or at least they weren't flying around here this morning.


Cliff aster


Goldenback fern

Scrub oak

Coffee fern

Blue elderberry


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