Hillside walk, 01 February 2016

Yesterday we received 27 mm of rain, mostly in a four-hour period between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. This is a good follow-on to the rains in the first week of January. We should shortly begin seeing flowers resulting from that January rain although the weather is relatively cool/cold. Things should liven up by the end of February. This week's flower count is actually one less than last week although it's essentially a no-change situation that has endured for the past couple of months. The dryness of the past few years is so severe that the good rains of the past month have done nothing to relieve the semi-skeleton appearance of many trees and shrubs.

The rain has certainly enlivened a few species, such as rattlesnake weed (Chamaesyce sp.), which has more flowers than ever of recent times.

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