Hillside walk, 21 December 2015

The past week brought another 5 mm of rain. That's not much, but on top of the rain a week earlier and the low temperatures it means the ground is even moister, at least on the surface. The Russian thistle plants (Salsoa tragus), so prevelent on the steep north hillside, are much easier to remove than they were just a few weeks ago, even though only the thinnest top layer of the ground is damp; presumably the rain water seeped down the stems of these plants to make them less rigidly fixed.

This week we see the continuation of the newly emerging season evidenced by one newly flowering species, California everlasting (Pseudognaphalium californicum). The lemonade berry (Rhus integrifolia) has many buds, but no flowers.

It's nice to see the continuing delicate blooms of California brickellbush (Brickellia californica).

The liverwort (Asterella californica) has masses of green leaves in the usual locations, especially Canyon 6 and upper Canyon 3B. What is most odd is that almost all appear to be male plants.

Sawtoothed goldenbush

Leafy California buckwheat



Goldenback fern

California liverwort

Black cottonwood

Chaparral currant

Lemonade berry

Coffee fern

California everlasting


Douglas's nightshade

Southern honeysuckle


California brickellbush

Cliff aster

Bush monkey flower

Golden currant



A fungus


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