Hillside walk, 16 November 2015

Yesterday evening we had a small amount of rain, just under 1 mm. And the temperatures have been relatively cold. This supports a continuation of what has been flowering in the past few weeks on the hillside. The observations remain essentially constant.

With a storm passing through the area in the past day, although with little rain, the atmosphere is so clear. From the top of the north hillside, one can see ships off the L.A. and Long Beach harbors, and the mountains beyond Banning Pass.

Franciscana manzanita

Coyote brush

Wishbone bush

Rattlesnake weed

Wishbone bush

California coffeeberry

Sawtoothed goldenbush


Black sage


Chaparral currant

Bush monkey flower

Southern honeysuckle

Coffee fern

Leafy California buckwheat




Douglas's nightshade

Blue elderberry

California brickellbush

Leafy California buckwheat

Canyon 1

Bush monkey flower



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