Hillside walk, 09 and 10 November 2015

This week's hillside walk was spread over two days. The first day was interrupted by dark clouds and large spots of rain. It seemed that the forecast rain was about to arrive, and besides being unpleasant, standing on the hillside with the potential of lightning would be unwise. As it turned out, general rain did not materialize, and before long the threatening clouds dispersed. By that time it was too late, and the second part of the walk was postponed to the following day.

The flowers this week were similar to last week. Perhaps the plants are looking a little more stressed as the dry, not-so-cold period continues. The notable exception was the bush monkeyflower (Mirabilis laevis var. crassifolia), with several plants producing flowers in the lower Canyon 2.

It is apparent that some species are dying or dying back. For example, elderberry is much less vigorous. Also, one of the two coffeeberry trees (Frangula californica) on the north hillside appears to have died in the past several weeks.

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