Hillside walk, 03 August 2015

The rain of two weeks ago continues to bring dividends. This was apparent on the lower north hillside in remnant blooms of California bluebells (Phacelia minor) and California primrose (Eulobus californicus), both of which previously appeared to have completed their annual flowering. In conjunction with this, the rattlesnake weed (Chamaesyce sp.) on the north hillside is everywhere bright and fresh

Another surprise is a single bloom on the mesa cactus (Opuntia x vaseyi) in the Lida Street horseshoe bend. Also within the horseshoe bend I removed a great number of baby castor bean seedlings.

The large coffee fern (Pellaea andromedifolia) in Upper Canyon 8 is now almost completely dessicated; only a small amount of foliage is still green, the first time I've seen it in this transition state.

In other respects, summer on the hillside progresses. On the steeper slopes the ground is becoming more crumbly, i.e. more slippery, as things dry out. One needs to be careful with one's feet.

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