Hillside walk, 27 July 2015

What a difference one week makes. Last week's walk occurred a couple of days after rain, almost an inch of it. The liverworts were bright green and the ferns were alive again. Today the liverworts are completely gone again, and the intervening week was not a really hot one. The ferns are still there, but waning.

Impact of that rain is certainly apparent. A few filariees (Erodium sp.) remain in bloom on the north hillside. We also now have seedlings coming up in a few places. Alas, I suspect they are castor bean. The north hillside has an amazing crop of Russian thistle seedlings (Salsola tragus) together with many older plants that are greening up. Today removed approximately 175 Russian thistle plants.

All of the native flowers are in a subdued state. The flower count, which was up slightly last week, has resumed its downward trend, typical of the advancing summer. Leafy California buckwheat (Eriogonum fasciculatum subsp. foliolosus) is the only native plant that is in widespread full flower.



Upper Canyon 8B

Canyon 8

Under the oaks in Canyon 8

Under the oaks in Canyon 8

Vine in Canyon 8

Vine in Canyon 8

Cliff aster

California coffeeberry

Sawtoothed goldenbush

Laurel sumac

Rattlesnake weed

Southern honeysuckle

Black sage

Leafy California buckwheat

Laurel sumac

California peony

Coffee fern


Blue elderberry

California brickellbush




Bush monkey flower

Cobweb thistle

Chaparral yucca

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