Hillside walk, 01 July 2015

We've been away and there are no observations for the previous two weeks. In the species count chart, the gap between three weeks ago and this week is filled by interpolation.

This week sees laurel sumac (Malosma laurina) and dodder (Cuscuta sp.) at their peak. While some other species have good showings, most have only “remnant” flowers.

Species new for the season this week include chaparral yucca (Hesperoyucca whipplei) and California brickellbush (Brickellia californica). The latter is surprising as it's usually much later; for example, in 2014 it appeared in October and in 2013 in late August.

Laurel sumac

Black sage


Bush monkey flower

Caterpillar phacelia

White sage

California bluebells

Leafy California buckwheat

Chaparral yucca

Morning glory


Southern honeysuckle

Chaparral yucca




California brickellbush

Vasey's prickly pear

Bush monkey flower


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