Hillside walk, 02 June 2015

A sure sign of the main part of spring being behind us is that today was the first time in several weeks when I was not troubled by piercing grass seeds in my socks. Those grasses are now fallen, and before long will be largely gone.

Three species are especially notable this week: Sacapellote (Acourtia microcephala) is at a peak that I've not seen before, with rich pink blossom in Canyon 4 and also Canyon 3 and the north hillside. Branching phacelia (Phacelia ramosissima), the one plant in Canyon 8, now has a proliferation of flowers, albeit a subdued showing. And the humble rattlesnake week (Chamaesyce sp.) is fresh and prolific on the north hillside, perhaps a response to the recent rain.

At the bottom of the north hillside, clustered tarplant (Deinandra fasciculata) continues it's peak of bloom. And similar bloom to last week is on southern honeysuckle (Lonicera subspicata var. denudata).

The golden stars (Bloomeria crocea) is now almost all going to seed, with just two flowers seen today under the oak tree at the bottom of the north hillside.

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