Hillside walk, 11 May 2015

Nothing spectacular to report this week, with no new species of blooms for the season. The area at the bottom of the north hillside continues to have more flowers than elsewhere, with a nice group of clustered tarplant (Deinandra fasciculata) in the sunny areas and many golden stars (Bloomeria crocea) in the shade of an oak tree.

This week we have a nice showing of mesa prickly pear (Opuntia x vaseyi) at the Lida Street horseshoe bend.

The sapphire woolly star (Eriastrum sapphirinum) continues to bloom on the mid north hillside, seen for the third week in succession. Perhaps it's lasting longer than in previous years because the past week has been truly cool. We even ha 2.6 mm of rain earlier in the week.

Some plants that had a substantial spring showing of flowers have now reduced back to “remnant” flowers, just and occasional one here and there. This is noticeably true with California bluebells (Phacelia minor), black sage (Salvia mellifera), white sage (Salvia apiana), common eucrypta (Eucrypta chrysanthemifolia), and chamise (Adenostema fasciculatum var. fasciculatum).

The narrow leaf milkweed (Asclepias fascicularis) on the upper north hillside is withering without having flowered.

Golden stars

Clustered tarweed

Sapphire woolly star

Rattlesnake weed

California coffeeberry

Leafy California buckwheat

Mission prickly-pear


Cobweb thistle

White sage


Caterpillar phacelia

California bluebells

Branching phacelia

California everlasting

Black sage

Common eucrypta

California liverwort

California liverwort

Bush monkey flower

Bush monkey flower

Pasadena and the Rose Bowl


Southern honeysuckle

Laurel sumac


Narrow leaved bedstraw


Blue elderberry


Vasey's prickly pear

Cliff aster

Morning glory


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