Hillside walk, 09 March 2015

The 15 mm of rain that fell just one week ago has made a huge difference. The grass is so much thicker and longer. More significantly with respect to wildflowers, we now have a sprinkling of strigose lotus (Acmispon strigoosus) on the mid north hillside. I didn't count them, but probably there are hundreds of flowers. (Last year it was thousands, but that was a different story.) This contrasts with the very few, just several individual flowers, that appeared in the first few weeks of February, then disappeared. That was prior to this latest rain.

Another likely result of last week's rain is a meadow of flowering miniature lupine (Lupinus bicolor) on the south hillside.

A new discovery this week, something I've not seen previously on these hillsides, is common fiddleneck (Amsinckia intermedia), just over the ridge on the west hillside.

A surprise was to find a few flowers on the Lida Street toyon (Heteromeles arbutifolia). It seems far too early. At the same locations were a few flowers of ropevine clematis (Clematis pauciflora), which last bloomed two years ago.

Wild hyacinth

California sun cup

California plantain

Wishbone bush

Wild cucumber

California primrose

Rattlesnake weed

Popcorn flower

California coffeeberry

Strigose lotus

Spiny redberry

Black sage

Common eucrypta

Strigose lotus

Cobweb thistle

Coast live oak

Common eucrypta

California liverwort

California liverwort

Holly leaf redberry


Danny's skullcap

Danny's skullcap

Scrub oak

Lemonade berry


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