Hillside walk, 21 October 2014

No report was made for last week as we were away. To avoid gaps, the spreadsheet has been interpolated for that week.

Despite this being the dry time of the year, always at least one species is at its best. This week it's the turn of California sage (Atermisia californica). The blooms are all down in the protected depths of Canyon 5. Proof that is was flowering was the been gathering nectar. Elsewhere this species is not yet blooming. Much of it looks dry, perhaps even dead, so that it won't bloom. We'll find out in coming weeks whether that is the case, but I suspect it is.

The dryness of the hillside is so apparent, with so much bare ground on the north hillside. Hopefully we will receive gentle rains in the winter that will generate new growth to prevent erosion when heavier rains occur.

On the north hillside, going up the ridge, it looks as if someone else has been there, judging by boot marks that are definitely not mine.

How delightful that the Stephanomeria along Lida Street continues to bloom. It has just as many flowers as it had a month ago.

Laurel sumac

Black sage

Mission prickly-pear


Russian thistle

Rattlesnake weed

A footprint

Black sage

California sagebrush

California sagebrush

California sagebrush


Cliff aster


Twiggy wreath plant

Twiggy wreath plant

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