Hillside observations: species counts

Popcorn flower

Goldenback fern

California chicory

Douglas's nightshade

California coffeeberry

California primrose

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The chart below shows the number of native species observed in flower on the hillside for each week of the year. The dates shown along the X-axis are months and week numbers, based on weeks in the first year of observations, 2013. Observing weeks begin on a Thursday.

The first two weeks of 2013 contain no data because observations did not begin until the third week of January. Furthermore, the first few values in 2013 are almost certainly underestimates because of getting up to speed in learning about the survey area.

Weeks during the year where no observations were made because we were away are interpolated from the weeks on either side. For 2013 this accounted for two weeks in August and one week in October.

Species per week

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