Hillside walk, 23 November 2013

On November 21 (one day after the previous walk) we had 23 mm of rain. That was only two days ago, so for the most part there isn't much response yet from the hillside flora. However, in Canyons 3 and 5, the ferns and liverworts are suddenly back! In Canyon 5 I photograhed a bunch of very-alive goldback fern, the same ferns I photographed three days earlier as a dried-up relic. In Canyon 3, the goldback fern is extensive, much more so than I way last year, except that last year I didn't see the start of the rainy season. And the coffee fern is suddenly loaded with green leaves, on stems that previously appeared to be just bare skeletons remaining from last year.


Rattlesnake weed


Russian thistle

Holly leaf redberry

California sagebrush

Black sage

Chaparral currant

Goldenback fern

Goldenback fern

Moss on the ground


Goldenback fern


Coffee fern

Coffee fern

Leafy California buckwheat


Douglas's nightshade

Coyote brush

Cliff aster

Coyote brush


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