Hillside walk, 28 October 2013

The California sage (Artemisia californica) has been developing buds for so long, and finally it is in bloom, the last of the obvious native plants to bloom on the hillside this season. At least it's the last one that I am aware of, that I've been waiting for.

With the cool, damp weather, the moss in the west canyons is bright green again, and the lemonade berry (Rhus integrifolia) has buds. We even have a few black sage (Salvia mellefera) flowers appearing, very much out of season — they finished their regular bloom back in the early summer.

The first female mulefat (Baccharis salicifolia) flowers have appeared, along with more male flowers than previously.

At the top of the north hillside were some flowers of rattlesnake weed (Chamaesyce sp.), looking like they are going to seed, but flowers nevertheless. No flowers of that species has been evident for a few months, and thus the question of whether the current flowers are new, or whether they were not obvious during the very hot weather of August and September.

On the north hillside, Russian thistle (Salsola tragus) is in full bloom.

The species count for native flowers has taken a sudden leap upward, although more due to “remnant” flowering than to mainstream seasonal flowering.

Coyote brush


Sawtoothed goldenbush


Russian thistle

Peruvian pepper tree

Rattlesnake weed

Rattlesnake weed

Western sycamore

Holly leaf redberry

Black sage

California sagebrush

California sagebrush

Pasdena and the Rose Bowl

Lemonade berry

Leafy California buckwheat


Douglas's nightshade

California brickellbush



Cliff aster

Wild lettuce


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