Hillside walk, 20 August 2013

This walk followed a gap of two weeks resulting from being away from home. While we were away, the Hazardia squarrosa began blooming. These plants appear to be in the early stages of blooming, with only a small number of flowers already spent.

Overall the variety of flowering plants has reduced significantly over the past few weeks.

This week's hillside walk was modified because bears have been seen in the neighborhood in the past week. I covered the north hillside in the normal manner, but avoided going up the narrow canyons of the west hillside. Instead, I walked all the way up Lida Street and back again. This change of plan is unlikely to have resulted in fewer observations.


California coffeeberry

Sawtoothed goldenbush

Sawtoothed goldenbush

Leafy California buckwheat

Rattlesnake weed

Laurel sumac

San Gabriel Mountains

American lotus

California thistle


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