Hillside walk, 27 July 2013

The weather this week has been mild. Early in the week we had 2.5 mm rain from a storm. The rain has neatly damped down the ground, removing the many footprints, mine and those of animals, from the bare earth of the north hillside and elsewhere.

Flowers this week were much like last week, where we are seeing now the summer dormancy period. For the first time in many months, I had to search the coffeeberry tree thoroughly to find flowers. The one stephanomeria plant that I know on the north hillside was loaded with flowers two weeks ago, with none last week. This week it has a single flower. Today I walked by a multitude of laurel sumac, and found fresh flowers on only one plant, which was along Lida Street. rattlesnake weed, so long-flowering on the north hillside, now has very few with fresh flowers. Last week I saw no tarplant on the lower north hillside; this week a solitary plant is blooming. This week I saw no deerweed in bloom.

The west hillside is now almost totally devoid of flowers except along Lida Street, and a few California buckwheat on the crest.

Coast live oak

Clustered tarweed

California coffeeberry

California coffeeberry


Rattlesnake weed

Twiggy wreath plant


Leafy California buckwheat

Laurel sumac

American lotus

Birch leaf mountain mahogany

Vasey's prickly pear

Bush monkey flower

California thistle


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