Hillside walk, 18 May 2013

We had several very hot days in the past week, drying things off following the rain of the previous week. For example, this week the liverwort was nowhere to be seen, and the coffee fern has lost almost all of its green.

This week saw the blooming of laurel sumac. Interestingly, some individual trees are in full bloom or in heavy bud, while may others show no sign of flowering despite the evidence of flowers in a previous year.

The toyon trees along uppder Lida Street now have many flowers although also still many buds.

The sticky monkeyflowers, which were so prominent on the west hillside in the past few weeks, have begun to fade in the more exposed areas.

Caterpillar phacelia continues to bloom, but only in a couple of nicely protected areas.

Laurel sumac

Laurel sumac

Golden stars

Clustered tarweed

White sage

Rattlesnake weed

California coffeeberry


Leafy California buckwheat


Laurel sumac

Cliff aster

California everlasting

Clustered tarweed


Goldenback fern

Pasadena and the Rose Bowl

River red gum

Coffee fern

Bush monkey flower

Narrow leaved bedstraw





Vasey's prickly pear

Cobweb thistle


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