Hillside walk, 27 April 2013

Things are much as they were in the previous week. Notable this week is that the prickly pear along Lida Street is beginning bloom. And at the crest of the west hillside, common muilla is once again in bloom, — interesting because this looks to be such a dry side and exposed site.

On the damper part of the west hillside, the coffee fern has died.

California everlasting

White sage

California coffeeberry



Leafy California buckwheat

Caterpillar phacelia

Popcorn flower

Mission prickly-pear

Rattlesnake weed

Malta star thistle

Gopher plant

Black sage

Common eucrypta

Western nettle

Chaparral currant

Birch leaf mountain mahogany

Fuchsia-flowered gooseberry

Bush monkey flower


Southern honeysuckle

Common horehound

Coffee fern

Common muilla

Common muilla

Holly leaf cherry

Holly leaf cherry

Ropevine clematis


Blue elderberry


Vasey's prickly pear


Cobweb thistle

Narrow leaved bedstraw


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