A weekend in East Anglia, 2004

Mystery and history resolved

When we made our arrangements to go to Zambia, it seemed wise to schedule a stopover in Great Britain to give us plenty of time to make the connection to Lusaka. So, we spent two days at a wonderful and now closed B&B near Bury St. Edmund in East Anglia. All I knew about East Anglia was what I had seen on "Mystery," through the experiences of fictional characters like Lord Peter Wimsey and Inspector Adam Dalgliesh. It was quite different than we had expected.

We had one day for exploring and one day to drive back to Heathrow. Our explorations took us to Norwich to see the cathedral (very impressive) and a l-o-n-g drive around the peninsula. Before leaving Bury St. Edmund the next morning, we visited the cathedral and the ruins of the abbey. It was in the abbey church that the knights were blessed before they rode to London to force King John to sign the Magna Carta. Wow!

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